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    PLATINUM PRODUCER HIP HOP DRUMS: 24/96 KHZ is a high quality library for the full version of KONTAKT 5.8.1 or later. For the first time, get access to real platinum producer drum sounds already processed and get the acoustic drum sound that you hear on hip hop platinum hit songs on your own tracks easily.

    These drum sounds are so punchy, clear and realistic that they will cut immediately through your mixes without any tweaking ! This library has only real acoustic drum sounds ! No drum machines samples. Sometimes you need a acoustic drum sound to get the right amount of energy on a hip Hop track and not this drum machines sound that you hear on so many productions today. With PLATINUM PRODUCER HIP HOP DRUMS you will add that magic acoustic touch to your tracks with this extremely well produced acoustic samples. 

    The Drum samples were recorded in NASHVILLE (USA) in 24 bits/96 Khz format.

    This library focus on a high quality Drum sound right out of the box with processed Drum samples that sounds immediately Punchy, Fat, Clear and " PLATINUM HIP HOP ALBUM READY ".The Drums will easily cut through any mix.

    All the samples processing is already done with Top analog console and gear, low cut, high cut, eq, compression, transient, phase, gate, etc...          Accelerate your workflow with all the sounds on a single Multi patch inside KONTAKT, you can easily adjust the volume of differents drum parts and choose between 3 Snares and 3 Kicks with a single click.


    A new way to work incredibly fast with amazing results in few minutes only... Now you can have the Drum sound of " Platinum Hip Hop Top Albums " on your next song...