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    PPS EPIC CINEMATIC TOMS FOR KONTAKT : 24/96 KHZ is a high quality library for the full version of KONTAKT 5.8.1 or later. For the first time, get access to real platinum producer Epic Toms sounds already processed and get the Epic Cinematic Toms sound that you hear on BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES on your own tracks easily.

These Epic Toms sounds are so punchy, clear and realistic that they will cut immediately through your mixes without any tweaking ! This library has only real Cinematic Toms samples !


The recording was made in NASHVILLE (USA) in December 2018 in a Pro studio with 15 mics through Top Analog Gear and Console at 24 Bits and 96 KHZ for maximum clarity, punch and dynamic.


-LUDWIG TM Classic 8x10.


- LUDWIG TM Classic 9x13.


-LUDWIG TM Classic 14x16.


    All the processing, including A level Analog Console and Gear, Gate, Eq, Compression, Phase, Transient, Tuning, High cut, Low cut, etc... is already done by a Certified Platinum Records Producer. I didn’t apply more than 2 Db of gain reduction to preserve dynamics and impact and let you the opportunity to apply more compression if needed for a more specific sound. I didn’t add any room reverb or any kind of reverb to preserve the Transient of the samples, what you hear is the natural room sound of the recording studio and the reverb i added in kontakt in the output section but you can bypass it and use the natural sound if you want to add your own reverb ! Your Epic percussions tracks will sounds better than ever !!!


    You can choose between 4 Multi Patches with more or less reverb and one kit has a Lower detuned toms. You have Flam Toms from F2 to D3 ( Only white keys ) and Single Toms from F1 to D2 ( Only white keys ). To obtain a Big Epic Powerful sound like on the Official Demo, you just have to alternate the playing between Flams and Single Toms,

like 2 keys with Flam Toms with the right hand ( F2 and A2 )and 2 keys with Single Toms with the left hand ( F1 and A1 ), ( this is a trick that a lot of Cinematic Composers use on records to obtain that big, fat and harmonically rich tone ! but now you will have this sound too on your own tracks ! ).